Angel Tarot Card Reader

In order to help you see beyond the fears and anxieties you have now, the Angel Tarot incorporates the symbolism of guardian angels. The Angel Tarot is based on new studies into divination and is a perfect way to discover more about your future.

An Angel card reading gives you a direct connection with the Angels. When the reader begins reading, they call upon the angels to bring guidance and insight. It can bring you clarification when you are going through a difficult time and you will receive clear messages of reassuring support, giving you peace of mind. Angel’s guidance is purposeful.

In the angel healing sessions, Diksha will work with your angels to answer your questions and offer insights into the specific area of life you need guidance. You will gain clarity on the issues you seek help. At the end of the session, you will feel uplifted and empowered. Each session is unique and we employ a combination of methods depending on the condition and needs of the person.


Diksha experiences and share life through love, care, gratitude and compassion. A person with intuitive instinct and an adviser all her life

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