In our lives, numbers play an important part. Have you ever asked yourself why we are the way we are? Are there any special variables that make us the way we are? Will any aspect other than our efforts drive our achievements and failures? In numerology, the answers to certain questions lie. All that happens in our lives and all that we are is nothing but a game of numbers in our lives. Astro numerologists are attempting to decode this game of numbers, how they shape our lives, and what can be done to improve their effect on our lives?

At Invincible Faith, Diksha talks about numbers that reveal important information about our character and destiny, about opportunities that will come along and about challenges we might have to face during our life period. She will guide you in your strong and weak periods of life. Numerology helps you in attaining peace of mind, harmony, and achievement in life, with the numerologist being the mediator who shows the road to your success.


Diksha experiences and share life through love, care, gratitude and compassion. A person with intuitive instinct and an adviser all her life

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