Top 10 Things Your Anxiety Makes You Do

Top 10 Things Your Anxiety Makes You Do

Anxiety may be caused by a psychiatric illness, a physical disorder, the effects of medications, or a mixture of these causes. The doctor’s first task will be to determine if the fear is a symptom of another medical disorder.

1. You always imagine the worst in every scenario

2. You overthink about the smallest of things.

3. You have trouble falling asleep even when you are sleep deprived.

4. You reject Invitations even If you want to go out.

5. You constantly feel scared of saying something stupid and wrong

6. You always compare yourself with others.

7. You get very nervous when you think about the future.

8. You blame yourself when others don’t reply to your messages.

9. You feel unwell physically and mentally, most of the time.

10. You find it difficult to forgive yourself for the mistakes you make at work.

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